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Was V-Day a juicy love-fest and just another great excuse to stay up late, have a tickle-fight, make love, and then whisper softly about love while she snuggled her head up on your chest?

Or was it just an obligation to buy chocolate or flowers and reflect on how more passion you wish you had in your life?

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Become That Guy That Makes Women Want Sex

"No! Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea, but I don’t think of you that way...!"

”How many times have you heard those words?

Or if you’re in a relationship, maybe you’ve heard this one:

“Not tonight, I’m too tired...” as she pushes you away when you put your hand on her when you’re getting into bed...

“Not tonight, I’m too busy...” as she sits there, like always, scrolling through Facebook or answering emails...

“I told you, I just want to be friends” acting as if she’s offended that you’d want to kiss her, after what you thought was a romantic dinner

"You're a really nice guy, but..." as she rattles off some excuse, looking genuinely sad for you.

And it’s not just you, virtually every man has heard these words at some points in our lives...

We’ve heard every excuse in the book...

But in the end, they all boil down to: “Sexual Rejection”

There’s nothing funny about getting rejected and it’s even more painful when it’s by the woman you love, again and again...

until she finally she gives in out of guilt and grudgingly lets you have a quickie.

No, occasional “obligation sex” is not fun. It beats the shit out of your self esteem

And there’s nothing fun about trying to romance a woman with flowers, candles, dinner, trying to be a good friend when she’s down... trying to figure out what she wants, how to do the right thing...

only to have it end in frustration as she pushes you away for some other guy.

And there’s nothing fun about lying in bed next to your wife, staring at the ceiling, listening to her breathing, and wondering...Is this is as good as it’s going to get?

Am I losing my woman?

or maybe even... am I STUCK with this woman?

But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if I told you there’s a simple, real, and proven formula that can turn a woman’s thoughts to hot, playful, passionate sex whenever you’re near her?

And what if I told you this same secret lets you supercharge ANY woman’s libido… make her hungry for sex… and even get her begging you for some “special alone time”?

And what if you could create this kind of intense passion and desire in just 14 days—without spending a fortune on romantic dates… without begging her… and without any pressure, brain-games, or manipulation?

You’d probably be a more than just a little skeptical!

That’s normal. All of my clients were skeptical...

If you’re a guy who struggles in the “friend zone” whenever you meet a woman you’d really like to be romantic with -

Or when you’ve been stuck in a low-sex relationship for months — or even years —The idea of hot, hip-quaking, sex-on-demand seems almost impossible

But if you give me a couple of minutes of your time, I’ll prove to you that it’s possible to trigger this kind of insatiable sexual desire in ANY woman—once you know how

Why she never wants to f**k anymore
(the answer will surprise you)

Hi, my name is Alex Allman.

I’m a best-selling author, speaker, and sex coach from New York

And over the last 10 years, I’ve helped thousands of men unlock their secret sexual super-powers… rekindle the romance and passion in a dying relationship… and enjoy better, more frequent sex...

And today, I’d like to help you do the same

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a proven seduction system you can use tonight to get your wife (or that woman you’ve had a crush on) hungry for sex — even if she hasn’t been interested in months (or even years)

I’m also going to explain why she never wants to make love (HINT: the real reason has nothing to do with her hormones or how tired or busy she is).

And I’ll show you a super-simple way to rekindle the spark, supercharge her sex drive, and even turn the tables and get her begging and quivering for your sexual touch

But first, a word of warning:

The secrets I’m about the share with you are the result of over 10 years of trial and error...hundreds of hours of scientific research… and a decade of real-world testing

In other words, there’s no fluff or academic theory

The tactics I’m about to reveal are tested and proven to work in the real world

And they can turn your sex life—and relationship—around almost overnight

So if you’re not 100% serious about wanting better sex, more often...and enjoying a more intimate, loving, and more satisfying sex life...

Or if you have some religious or ethical objection to supercharging your woman’s sex drive and helping her unleash her inner “nympho”...

Or if you’re only interested in this stuff for your own reasons and don’t really care about your woman’s sexual and emotional satisfaction...Then please turn back now. Because there’s nothing in this video for you

The secrets I’m about to reveal will only shock you… upset you… and maybe even offend you

However, if you’re the kind of man who wants better, hotter, more passionate sex with the woman he loves...

(Or a man who wants a direct blueprint to insuring that he knows how to keep the sex hot forever in his next relationship)

...and if you want to give her earth-shattering, wake-up-the neighbors orgasms...the kind that leave her sweaty, gasping, and smiling with satisfaction...

...And if you’re willing to follow a simple, step-by-step plan to help your woman break through her emotional and sexual “roadblocks” and finally enjoy the kind of erotic intimacy and connection she needs...

Then keep reading...

Because in the next few minutes, you’ll discover the real reason why your woman doesn’t want to have sex with you and how you can fix the problem in as little as 14 days

You’ll hear about the secret fantasy that holds the key to unlocking any woman’s sexual passion...and how you can use it to turn a cold, unresponsive housewife into your insatiable sex kitten

And you’ll discover how to become the only man who can give her the sexual satisfaction she craves... get her literally begging for it… and even asking to try out naughty new things she’s always refused to do for you in the past

Before I go into the nuts-and-bolts of this secret seduction system, I want to show you why these secrets are so powerful—and how they can work for you, even if your woman is ice-cold and hasn’t wanted sex in years

The secret “Playmate Switch” hidden in every woman’s brain

You see, there’s a simple reason your woman has lost interest in sex...

And contrary to what SHE will tell you, it has nothing to do with age... her body image... her hormones...or that you’re just not her type

The real reason your woman doesn’t want to make love to you is because of a little known “sex trigger” deep inside her brain

I call it “The Playmate Switch because it actually turns her into your willing and fun sexual playmate in the bedroom

And if you don’t know how to work her Playmate Switch, it doesn’t matter what you do...

You can buy her flowers...take her out dancing...even get your mother take care of the kids and spring for a surprise romantic weekend getaway...

You can be the most loving and supportive partner in the world—the kind of guy her friends dream about...

Hell, you could have Brad Pitt’s face...six-pack abs...a porn star cock...and the ability to give her hour-long orgasms that wake up the neighbours...

...and she still won’t have any interest in sex

Because unless her Playmate Switch is turned on, it’s biologically impossible for her to get even a little bit aroused.

It doesn’t matter how much she loves you...It doesn’t matter if she thinks you’re the sexiest guy on the block...

And it doesn’t even matter if you’re the best lover she’s ever had...

If you don’t know how to flip her secret playmate switch, she won’t want to fuck. Ever. And she can’t do a thing about it—even if she wants to!

Obviously you already know that most men haven’t a clue about it

The simple proof is how few couples who have been together for a couple of years still have a great sex life once the “novelty factor” wears off

But here’s the good news...

Once you know how to flip your woman’s secret Playmate Switch, you can supercharge any woman’s sex drive almost overnight

When you know this secret, you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and return to those honeymoon days of fun, passionate sex-on-demand

You can turn a cold, distant woman into your “naughty little girl” — by helping her banish her hidden sexual “roadblocks”... AND help her experience new levels of sexual satisfaction...

And you can enjoy the kind of deep intimacy and powerful erotic connection most couples only dream of… and give any woman the security and sexual confidence to drop her guard and finally give in to her deepest, darkest fantasies.

Here’s how it works

This secret Playmate Switch may sound like magic. But it’s not. It’s science.

When you turn a woman’s sex switch on, her brain is flooded with a feel-good chemical called dopamine.

You may have heard about dopamine before. It’s part of a “pleasure and reward system” buried in the deepest, oldest part of the human brain.

You may also know that dopamine is how our brain rewards us for taking risks.

It’s released when you drive too fast… when you roll the dice on a big bet… when you eat “forbidden” foods like pizza, beer, or chocolate… and it’s even the reason that pleasurable, illegal drugs are addictive...

What you may not know is that dopamine also plays a critical role in sexual arousal — especially in women.

In fact, this feel-good brain chemical is the key to supercharging your woman’s sex drive.

Dopamine is the first link in a chain reaction of irresistible sexual arousal.

When you hit your woman’s Playmate Switch the right way, her brain is flooded with dopamine.

She starts to tingle from head-to-toe with a full-body rush of intense pleasure and arousal

A split second later, the sexual chain reaction begins...

Her heart begins to thump… she starts breathing faster… and she feels those butterflies in her stomach...

At the same time, her sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen skyrocket. Her face flushes...her nipples stiffen...and her pussy gets soaking wet.

The result? Your woman feels a sudden rush of sexual attraction… intense lust...and an overwhelming desire for hot, steamy, no-holds-barred animal sex.

And this sexual chain reaction happens fast. In fact, one study found it takes just 2/10 of a second! That’s literally as fast as saying the word “sex”

It’s the same switch that is activated automatically by the excitement of forbidden romance, new love, and the thrill of being with a new man...

When that sudden rush of desire hits her, she has no choice but to give in.

That’s because your woman’s secret Playmate Switch is in the deepest, most primal level of the brain—the part that governs gut-level animal emotions like fear, anger, and lust.

In other words, she has no idea this hidden sex switch even exists. All she knows is how it makes her feel.And frankly, it wouldn’t matter even if she did know. She’d still throw herself on you and rip off your clothes like a sex-crazed nympho.

But don’t worry. Despite the power of this secret Playmate Switch, there’s nothing unethical about using it.

In fact, this secret trigger also restores that giddy head-over-heels in-love feeling she had back in the “honeymoon days” of your relationship—a feeling every woman craves at her deepest level.

Your woman desperately wants... and even needs you to hit her playmate switch in the right way on a daily basis. Even if she doesn’t know it...

Look, I know it’s not “politically correct” to say so,
but women NEED their medicine...

When women don’t get laid regularly they get cranky, negative, and even depressed.

And as messed up as it seems, when that happens, because they are in a crappy mood, they want sex even less, they reject sex even more, and it seems nearly impossible to turn her on...

And if you were to suggest to your woman that she needs a good oil change when she’s in this state, not only would she disagree and say that sex is the LAST thing on her mind, she’s quite likely to blow up in anger at your suggestion.

It doesn’t matter that you’re right.

It’s a dangerous downward spiral.

How To Turn It All Around...

By now, you’re probably wondering exactly how you can turn on YOUR woman’s secret Playmate Switch...

And I’m going to take the next few minutes to tell you about three sexual breakthroughs that can supercharge any woman’s sex drive almost overnight...

I’m going to tell you about three different clients that I worked with...

The mistakes and issues that were destroying their sex lives...

And how these 3 breakthroughs worked for them to turn things around, flip the “Playmate Switch” to the “ON” position for their wives and girlfriends...

And how they can work for you too...

So that you too can start having the best sex of your life with a woman who is hungry and eager for you to make love to her...

Like these three men, chances are that right now you’re making a few small (but devastating) mistakes...

Mistakes that make it impossible to turn your woman’s Playmate Switch on no matter how hard you try.

And until you fix the problem, all the seduction tactics in the world won’t do you a bit of good.

The crazy part? These mistakes are exactly what most sex “experts”, relationship therapists, and marriage counselors tell you to do.

On the surface, their advice seems totally logical. But in reality, it’s just throwing a bucket of ice-cold water on the fires of her libido.

Here’s why: when you make these common mistakes, you send out subliminal signals that tell her animal brain to hold back the dopamine...

Which presses the big “off button” on your woman’s Playmate Switch.

And what’s even worse, and what so many men that I’ve worked with in the past have experienced, is that when you’re inadvertently sending these signals that flip her “off switch” she’ll sometimes resist even trying to make things better...

She might even get angry when you want to talk about it and insist that she just doesn’t have any interest in sex at all...

And it’s all completely out of her control.

She might still think you’re the best-looking guy around...the most loving husband she could imagine...

And she still won’t want to make love. All because of these simple (and common) mistakes

It’s frustrating for her too!

The good news? Fixing this problem is actually easy...

You can reverse these attraction-killing mistakes into powerful subliminal signals that flood her brain with dopamine—and trigger overwhelming lust and desire.

Anger becomes playfulness, disinterest becomes desire for connection, and icy resistance becomes genuine warmth and juicy horniness whenever you are around her.

Sexual Breakthrough #1

The Sexual Polarity Flip

When Blake contacted me, he was at the end of his rope.

When he first got together with his girlfriend, Sara, the sex was incredible—for both of them.

But by the time I started working with them, they hadn’t had sex in more than a month, and Sara, who was quite a few years older than Blake, confided in me that she was afraid that maybe she just didn’t have any libido anymore

She was afraid it was “just hormones,” but I assured her that that was certainly not the case.

Without knowing it, Blake was giving off subtle signals that were keeping Sara’s hidden Playmate Switch firmly in the “off” position.

The frustrating thing?

He thought he was doing everything right.

Because Sara was not only older, but also much more sexually experienced than him, he felt comfortable asking her directly what he could do to turn her on.

He was a good communicator.

And she was quite comfortable telling him in great detail exactly what used to always work to turn her on…

And he followed every one of her instructions exactly to a T...

But nothing worked.

Since Sara’s sex trigger was turned “off,” she just couldn’t get interested in sex. Even though she told me that Blake was pretty much her ideal man, and it was breaking her heart.

This was frustrating and scary for her, and she was filled with doubt about her own femininity, and worried about her sex-drive ever returning... which made her frequently irritable and angry with him for no reason

And the consistent failure was even harder on Blake who started having performance problems from the anxiety— which obviously only made things worse!

Each of them felt like they were watching helplessly as their relationship fell apart

During our first session, it was instantly obvious to me why Sara lost interest in sex...

So I told Blake all about her hidden Playmate Switch, and how they had accidentally been literally stomping it off.

I showed him something I call the “Sexual Polarity Flip”

Now, before we go any further I want to make it 100% clear that the Sexual Polarity Flip has nothing do with what you say… your body language… or the way you touch her.

The reason this technique works is simple

The truth is that almost every guy in a long-term relationship does the same thing that Blake did. It’s virtually automatic. And chances are you’ll never even know about it when it’s happening to you.

In fact, these signals are triggered by the very behaviors women say they want in a man!

Fortunately the Sexual Polarity Flip fixes that problem fast.

You see, you use the Sexual Polarity Flip to project a powerful subliminal signal—a signal that your woman picks up subconsciously — a signal that goes right to her animal-brain and trips her hidden Playmate Switch in an irresistible way.

This subconscious sexual reaction happens almost instantly — and it’s fun to watch...

When that happens, your woman instantly feels sexy and desirable. She also experiences a sudden rush of intense urges to have your hands on her body. She gets that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling that all women love.

The best part? Once you know how, you can keep this wave of desire flowing for hours...days... even weeks

As you might guess, this makes the Sexual Polarity Flip incredibly effective. Many men who use it see their sex lives do a 180-degree turnaround in just 14 days or less

That’s exactly what happened with Blake and Sara.

I ran into Blake at a seminar a few months back. And this time, he was all smiles.

And for good reason. You see, now he and Sara have a new—and much better—bedroom problem.

Sara wants sex — a lot of sex. So much that Blake is having a hard time keeping up with her!

Amazingly, Blake told me that “we went from not having sex at making love sometimes two or three times a day on weekends!”

And all because of a single technique that transformed Blake’s subconscious, lust-destroying signals, flipped Sara’s secret sex trigger ON - and kept it there.

But the Sexual Polarity Flip is just the starting point. In fact, it’s just one part of a sexual “re-ignition” system to give couples a roadmap for creating Passion & Attraction that Lasts.

It’s a blueprint for For Becoming The Man That Your Woman Desires… And Super-Charging Her Sex Driveeven if she’s been cold and distant for years.

I’ll tell you all about this breakthrough relationship seduction system in a few minutes. First, I’d like to show you another secret that will get your woman begging for sex — without you saying a word. I call it...

Sexual Breakthrough #2

Enlightened Objectifying

Okay, here’s a pop quiz...

What do James Bond...

Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino’s character from “The Scent Of A Woman”)...

Christian Grey from the blockbuster erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey”...

Quagmire from “Family Guy”...

and Booger from “Revenge Of The Nerds”...

All have in common??

The answer is that they all end up screwing hot chicks.

What you probably don’t know is why women are so attracted to these men.

And yeah, I know, they’re fictional characters, but the writers (and all of the rest of us) also recognize these types of characters from our own lives... who always end up getting laid

As men, we understand why 007 is getting some: He’s macho, he’s handsome, he’s deadly, he’s the baddest bad boy in town...

He’s the guy that makes sense to us, and he’s also exactly the kind of stereotype character that confuses men about what actually gets women irresistibly turned on...

We can make sense out of Lt. Colonel Slade too, because even though he’s elderly, blind, walks with a limp, and nearly has Tourette's syndrome with his bursts of “HOO-HA!” ...hey, he’s still Al Pacino!

The douche-bag sadist Christian Grey is a little more frustrating, because we all know that in actual real-life, millions of women masturbate over just the idea of him... and if you’re a man and read even a few pages of this crap, it might make you swear off women for life...

It’s literally that idiotic

And then we get to Quagmire and Booger…

I had a friend in high school just like Booger and you probably did too, and it used to drive me crazy that THIS GUY was getting girls when I wasn’t!

What these guys actually have in common is that they OBJECTIFY women.

Yes, you heard that right: They treat women like sex objects!

Which, of course, is exactly what every woman on Earth, from your mom, to your best female friend, to the woman in your own bed will tell you to NEVER do.

And, if you do this wrong way (and you may have already experienced this), you could get yelled at for being a creep, or even slapped in the face.

But it doesn’t matter. Time and time again, beautiful women choose this type of guy for sex over all other options.

Even though these same women truly believe they don’t want to be “objectified” (and most of the time they actually don’t)…

They still end up in bed with men like this. Especially for a short, purely sexual fling.

And for good reason. It’s hard-wired into their DNA to respond this way.

And that’s great news—especially for men like you and me...

Because you don’t have to turn into some sort of “alpha male”... act like a jerk...or become a drooling douche-bag to make it work for you.

I teach a technique that I like to call “enlightened objectification”, and it actually works best for good men who want to crank up the passion and desire and have a real relationship.

What’s more, this secret works on any woman. It doesn’t matter if you just met... if you’ve been married for 30 years...or if you’re “just friends”

When you know this secret, she’ll feel an intense — and irresistible—wave of sexual desire whenever you want her to.

In fact, in the right hands, the Enlightened Objectification technique can supercharge a woman’s sex drive almost instantly... and even turn a cold, distant woman into your naughty little girl

From “boring” to Bad Boy in one simple step

Now my client Mark had a common—and frustrating—problem.

He and his wife Jennifer were crazy about each other. They both loved sex (in fact, they even took a bunch of Tantra sex classes together).

Mark learned how to give Jennifer prolonged, intense orgasms that left her extremely satisfied.

Sounds great, right? But there was just one problem.

Even though Jennifer loved Mark…

and even though he was a loving and supportive husband...

and even though he had what anyone would call “high-level bedroom skills”...

She was losing her attraction to him.

In fact, she actually talked to him about having an open marriage so she could sleep with other men.

Can you imagine how painful it is to have your wife ask you for that when you are doing everything you can to satisfy her?

You see, Jennifer constantly fantasized about an old boyfriend—a total douche-bag who treated her exactly like a sex object and would simply throw her down and fuck her whenever he felt like it...

But here’s where it gets crazy my friend…She told me that she almost never had an orgasm during these intense sexual encounters. She said he always finished too quickly and didn’t know the first thing about how to pleasure a woman…

And yet just thinking about him made her wet with desire.

As Jennifer finally came clean in our session together, she started to cry.

She felt guilty and ashamed about her secret desire to be dominated and used like that. She felt like there was something wrong with her.

But she had no choice. This stuff really is hard-wired into human DNA

Honestly, even before she told me this story I understood the real problem. I could tell just from the way that Mark talked about her that this was the missing piece.

In our next session over the telephone, I taught Mark the “Enlightened Objectification” technique…

He resisted the idea at first and thought I was crazy. He didn’t want to do something that he thought would disrespect his wife... but once he tried it everything changed overnight.

In our final call, Jennifer told me that she felt a level of sexual fulfillment she never imagined possible.

Even she didn’t realize what it was that she had been wanting from her husband... and so she had never been capable of explaining it to him…

…And now she experienced even more intense orgasms from Mark’s advanced skills as a lover...

...and they created the kind of intense, deeply connected, passionate relationship (and sex life) most couples can only dream about.

All because Mark discovered the power of this simple attraction secret.

Now there’s one more relationship tactic I’d like to tell you about today. And it may be the most powerful of them all when it comes to making passion last for a lifetime, and make love deepen over time

Sexual Breakthrough #3

The Appreciation Ladder

James came to me because his marriage was becoming a constant source of anxiety and frustration.

Diane constantly complained and badgered him about everything.

He couldn't seem to do anything right.

And not surprisingly, they were having serious problems in the sex-and-romance department.

James was practically shaking with frustrated disappointment as he told me how when they first met 5 years earlier at “Burning Man” it was all romance, sex, and fun

He also told me that when they did have sex she seemed to like it, and yet she NEVER initiated…

And with her constant complaining and blaming all of the time, he was frankly not that interested in initiating sex with her either…

And so at this point they were basically not having sex at all

By the time James came to me, he had one foot out the door, and he was only holding on for the sake of their 4-year old daughter

To make matters worse, Diane refused to participate in our sessions…

I know that hurt him and put an even deeper wedge in their relationship, but I also knew that he could fix this thing for the both of them…

If he were willing and had the courage to see it through...

In our single session together I helped James see that he and Diane were locked in a cycle that went something like this:

Her complaining ==> him trying to fix it and please her ==> which caused her to “test” him ==> more trying to please her ==> more complaining and more testing…

One of the nearly impossible things for couples to handle in these situations is that you can never figure out “who started it”...

You can never figure out who to blame for getting into a negative cycle…

Actually, it’s a bit worse than that— you can easily blame your partner every time, and since Diane was the one doing the testing and complaining, he was pretty clear that it was all HER FAULT...

The fact that she refused to show up made it clear to me that she felt the opposite… that it was completely HIS fault...

This is the kind of thing that drives men into a lifetime of anger with women…And that’s a shame because if you have the balls to let go of your “justified anger” it’s not only easy to fix...

It’s also fun and fulfilling… and the way to do it gives most men a brain melt-down when they try it, because it seems impossible for this to work...

Because it doesn’t involve either sucking up to her and giving in to her demands, OR standing your ground and showing her why she’s wrong

I gave James 3 simple practices to try out...

He was very doubtful, but he agreed to try it for a few weeks. And he was shocked to discover that within a week the testing completely stopped...

In fact, his marriage did a 180 degree turnaround.

Diane no longer spends her time bitching and moaning about James. Instead, she’s constantly telling him how much she appreciates him — and loves him.

And...even better...she’s showing her appreciation.

James called to tell me their sex life is now “amazing”...and that Diane will often surprise him with blowjobs just to show him how grateful she is for everything he does for her.


I can’t blame you for feeling like it sounds too good to be true, and honestly I have to give all of the credit to James…

Because even though these practices are “simple”, they are sometimes very scary for men to try them out, and James threw himself into it like a champ for the sake of love...

It was the simplest one that James credits for being the most powerful and the most surprising thing that turned things around…

I call it The Appreciation Ladder and here’s how brain-dead simple it is:

All you have to do is take 2 minutes a day, first thing in the morning before your brain has a chance to get pre-occupied with other things, and write down 3 to 5 things you appreciate about your woman.

It doesn’t matter what you write down. All that matters it that they are 100% true.

That part is critical, and for some men stuck in sour relationships for years, it can be hard to come up with something...

Maybe it’s how she smiles at your kids in the morning… or the way she curls her legs under her while watching TV… or how great her ass looks in her yoga pants...

It doesn’t matter if you write down the same things day after day. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if she never sees or hears anything about your “appreciation journal”...

Remember, women are much more emotionally sensitive than we are. So she actually feels this invisible wave of authentic appreciation—even if you never say a word.

But this practice isn’t even designed to work on her… it works on YOU.

Here’s a simple truth about humans:

I knew that if Diane was the only one complaining and James wasn’t… then of course he must have been FEELING a deep, but unspoken resentment…

Can you guess how sexy “hidden resentment” is to women?

She was feeling the disconnect between him trying to fix things on the surface... and the very different truth of his feelings (that he wanted throw her out a window!)

And that disconnect, that inauthenticity, was what was causing her “testing” behaviors…

The Appreciation Ladder made her feel like James was congruent and authentic with being her husband… even when he was angry, even when he was trying to “fix her”... and calmed her animal brain so that she could feel her libido again…

When your woman picks up on these feelings of appreciation, dopamine floods her brain... her lust-boosting hormones go through the roof... and her Playmate Switch is free to flip into the “on” position.

But that’s not all. You see, The Appreciation Ladder also makes your woman’s brain pump out another feel-good hormone called oxytocin.

You may have heard about oxytocin before. It’s also known as the “cuddle hormone”.

Oxytocin is released in huge amounts when a woman falls deeply in love. And it triggers powerful feelings of emotional intimacy.

So not only does The Appreciation Ladder trigger intense sexual desire. It also creates a deeper, more loving relationship.

And that can lead to spontaneous, intense, passionate lovemaking sessions — the kind that leave you both grinning from ear to ear all day long!

Naturally it’s twice as powerful if you and your partner try doing this at the same time— you can decide for yourselves if you want to show the journals to each other nor not— it works either way.

And even though I know it sounds too magical to be real, I do hope you’ll TRY IT to see for yourself

The most powerful seduction system for men who crave REAL relationships

These breakthroughs have been shockingly effective for countless frustrated men.

Both men who are already in relationships, and men who are tired of putting on some “pick up artist” act to get a woman into a bed… only to have her disappear by the 2nd date…

Time and time again, they’ve been proven to work when everything else failed.

But these three techniques are just a small piece of a larger system:

Passion & Attraction That Lasts: The Blueprint For Becoming The Man That Your Woman Desires & Super-Charging Her Sex Drive

When you log in to Passion & Attraction That Lasts, you’ll also discover...

  • A play-by-play game-plan for reigniting her sex drive and overcoming her “low libido,” “sexual hangups,” “menopause,” and all of those difficult and complex hurdles to increasing a woman’s sex drive

    (**Yes, these issues really are complex, and I’m not promising an overnight fix for every woman, but these strategies do work, and have worked, even for men who had tried everything else in the past and nearly given up hope... and they are going to work for you too!)
  • A 2,500-year-old secret to effortless seduction. Just do this one simple thing and she’ll give you all the sex you can handle. What’s more, she’ll think it’s all HER idea
  • Foreplay Fast-forward: An unexpected foreplay secret that gets her hot, wet, and ready to go in as little as 30 seconds...and without you saying a word
  • How to give your woman that butterflies-in-her-stomach feeling every time she thinks about you — even if you’ve been married for decades (Many of the men reported back to me that it made them feel more like a man too)
  • Secrets of “Sexual Alchemy”. How to turn her stressful workday into a source of hot, no-holds-barred sexual passion. It’s proven to work for any man in any kind of relationship—as long as you do this...
  • A simple but powerful technique that forces her to fantasize about you all day long...and gets her to practically rip your clothes off the second she walks through the door
  • Banish your fear of rejection in 3 simple steps. The key is this mental “trick” that makes facing your worst anxieties a breeze, and you’ll feel twice the confidence in every area of your life
  • 5 simple rules for the ultimate effortless seduction. A step-by-step plan works with any woman and every woman — whether you just met or have been married for years. Hundreds of happy men say “It works!”
  • How to program your woman for spontaneous sexual encounters any time, anywhere. This psychological seduction tactic only sounds illegal
  • 5 attraction-killing mistakes almost every man makes. One of them is asking “Is everything OK?” The other 4 are revealed inside...
  • How to cheat-proof your relationship in one easy step. The full story on this is revealed in the program
  • Why doing certain household chores can ruin your sex life. Strange but true
  • Three magic words that get your woman to eagerly rip your clothes off, even if she’s “too tired” for sex. But it only works if you do something completely counter-intuitive first
  • A natural aphrodisiac that turns a cold woman into a naughty little girl. No pills...weird foods...or drugs required. Amazing!
  • 7 deadly sins of seduction. Just one of these mistakes is like throwing cold water on the fires of her libido. And most men are making at least three! Here’s how to avoid them all—and even turn them to your advantage
  • The secret pleasure button every woman has… but most men ignore (HINT: it’s not the clit or g-spot).
  • 8 poison words that drive her into the arms of another man. This one question destroys trust...ruins intimacy...and makes her see you as the ultimate “beta male”. You’ll learn what it is and how to avoid it...
  • Secret sexual fantasies every woman has - but will never admit to. PLUS: how to use them to turn ordinary sex into a night of wild, no-holds-barred passion
  • How to get her to try new things in bed without any pressure, guilt, or shame. The secret is this once-a-day habit that gently opens the door to new levels of sexual experience. If there are some secret fantasies you’ve had that you never thought you could even mention to your woman, this one thing is going to change your life...
  • How to reclaim your sex life from the “time monster” of daily pressures, kids, work, anxiety, exhaustion, and daily life — this one’s never going to be easy unless you win the lottery, but if your romantic life is worth it, this is the one true way that will work to get your sex life back on track...

And much, much more...

By now, you’re probably wondering how much “Passion & Attraction” costs. And I’m going to tell you in just a few moments

But first, I need to ask you a question...

How much is it worth to you to have a more satisfying, intimate, and passionate relationship?

How much is it worth to you to make “Not tonight” a thing of the past — and enjoy more satisfying...more intimate...more passionate sex with the woman you love — as often as you like?

How much would it be worth to know that she’s thinking about you at work...the gym...or running errands… a dreamy smile on her face fantasizing about the moment she finally comes home, closes the door, and attacks you in a sexual frenzy of pent-up lust and desire?

How much would that feeling be worth?

The gut-level knowledge that you can turn your woman’s Playmate Switch on at will...

Re-ignite her libido...

And get her practically dragging you into the bedroom...whenever you like?

$5,000 worth of proven seduction strategies — for a fraction of the price

Until recently, the breakthrough sex secrets in Passion & Attraction That Last were restricted to my private clients.

So if you wanted to find out how to use proven seduction tactics like the Sexual Polarity Flip... Enlightened Objectification Technique...or The Appreciation Ladder, you’d have to book time in my crammed schedule—and pay me $500 per hour (recently raised to $700/hour).

Unfortunately, I’m booked at least 6 months in advance. And I usually only accept a few new clients every year. So even if you wanted to hire me, I simply wouldn’t have time to help you.

But when you log in to “Passion & Attraction That Lasts”, you get access to all of these sexual more than two dozen other proven seduction secrets...and more than seven full hours of my “best of the best” strategies.

And it’s all in an easy-to-use video format you can watch on your schedule. Plus you get detailed transcripts of every session, too.

At my current $700 per hour rate, the video content alone is worth more than $4900. Add the value of the transcripts and additional bonus gifts and I could easily call it $6000… $7000… or more.

Now that is a lot of money…

But frankly, it would be a small price to pay to save your relationship from mediocrity…

A small price to pay to to leave behind that daily frustration and pain of knowing you are missing out on one of the most important pleasures of life...

A small price to pay to put thoughts of divorce or cheating or just plain hopeless loneliness out of your mind...

A small price to pay to feel the pride and gratitude of being one of those very few couples who have a juicy, passionate, and sexually playful relationship for life…

But of course if I charged that much I’d be excluding way too many men who watch this video and couldn’t afford it even if they wanted to… and that is not what I got into this for…

So of course, if you take action now, you won’t pay anywhere near that that kind of cash…

Men who came to a private workshop I held earlier this year paid $500 each, plus hotels, meals… and most of them flew in from distant cities around the world…

And all of them said the information was worth at least 10X what it cost them.

But you won’t have to pay the thousands that these men and my private clients paid…

You won’t even pay the $397 that my marketing consultant told me I should charge for this relationship-saving program

Special offer

The page is part of an advertising test. And as part of this test, you’re going to get a very special deal.

Why? Actually, there are two reasons:

First, I want to make “Passion & Attraction” available to as many men as possible.

That means keeping it affordable for guys juggling a mortgage or the rent, car payment, family expenses, and more…

Second, I want you to be fully confident in your decision to use this breakthrough seduction system—and to make sure you get 100% of the results you deserve

That’s why I’m also going to give you three additional bonus gifts, just for taking action today.

Special Bonus #1:
The Casanova Code

The thinking man’s guide to ethical seduction

As you can see, the secrets I reveal in Passion & Attraction are powerful. So powerful that they can have some unintended side effects

Let me explain:

Remember earlier, when I told you about those secret sex signals that flip a woman’s “Playmate Switch”?

Well, once you start using the secrets in Passion & Attraction That Lasts you’ll likely start to send out these masculine sexual signals 24 hours a day...7 days a week.

The result? You become much more attractive to women. All types of women.

In fact, you may find that you accidentally trigger lustful thoughts and desires in your female friends… co-workers… even your wife’s girlfriends

Sounds pretty good, right? And I’ll be honest. Knowing you can attract women at will is kind of fun and feels great.

But if you’re an honest guy in a loving relationship, it can raise some truly unexpected problems for you.

Just imagine how you’d feel if men constantly made passes at your wife—often right in front of you!

It would feel disrespectful and might even start to make you a little bit pissed off...

So unless you want to deal with a jealous wife or girlfriend… or leave behind a trail of hurt, pissed-off women (who might be unavoidable in your work and social life)… need to know how to gently deflect and dance with these sexual advances without causing hurt feelings, jealousy, or resentment in your partner or other women

That’s why I created my new special report, The Casanova Code.

Inside, you’ll discover how to gracefully and ethically handle the flood of female attention so that it’s fun… but without damaging your relationships

You’ll also find out how to use your new-found powers of attraction to turn your woman on even more—and take her to a whole new level of sexual openness and intimacy

In fact, when you use the secrets in The Casanova Code, you may get the shock of your life.

You see, some women respond to their man’s newfound sexual power in unusual — and unexpected—ways.

For instance, she may tease her girlfriends with sordid stories about your steamy sex life… just to see the look on their faces

Or she may suddenly start kissing and caressing you in public… or even dragging you into the bathroom at a party to mark her territory. some cases… men have told me in absolute shock that she brought another woman to come play—even women who never even thought about a threesome before

Sounds crazy, I know. But it happened quite recently to a client from New York, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it...

In his case, his girlfriend of three years was losing interest in sex. But when he applied one of the strategies revealed in The Casanova Code, she became sexually insatiable

And the next thing he knew, she actually suggested they start seducing other women together — and bringing them home for a wild, no-holds-barred, steamy sexual marathons

Now, you may not see the same kind of results, and not every man even wants that kind of thing with his partner…

But I guarantee that the additional strategies in The Casanova Code will make a dramatic difference in your sex life, and in the way you relate to women in general—and they will make your woman very, very happy

This valuable report is valued at $47. But if you take action today, you’ll get it at no cost. It’s my way of saying “thanks” for trying “Passion & Attraction That Lasts”, and frankly, it’s an important piece of information for you to have once you begin the program

But that’s not all. When you claim your risk-free trial, you’ll also receive another valuable bonus gift:

Special Bonus #2:
The Simple Secrets Of Great Sex

If you’re like many men who go through this program, you’ll quickly discover a new (and fun) problem.

You’re going to have more sex. A lot more sex.

How much more?

Well, remember Blake? His wife was literally dragging him into the bedroom once...twice...even three times a day!

(Lucky for him, he’s 15 years younger than her, but he’ll hit 30 one day too!)

And he’s not alone. In fact, I’ve had dozens of men who tell me the secrets in Passion & Attraction That Lasts almost work too well

A lot of guys start getting laid so often that their old “go to” positions and techniques start to feel a bit… well, stale

And that’s the last thing you want—especially if your woman is practically begging you for sex every day

That’s why I’m going to give you another bonus gift when you log in: a FREE copy of my brand-new “Simple Secrets Of Great Sex”

Inside this unique sex manual, you’ll discover...

A weird trick that makes your cock feel up to 25% longer and thicker — and lets you hit the deep “pleasure points” in her vagina most men will never touch. Do this right and she’ll be screaming your name after just a few thrusts.

5 hidden erotic zones every woman has — but most guys ignore. One of them is her feet. The rest are found inside the program…

The “boring” sex position can trigger Earth-shattering orgasms in your woman in less than 2 minutes. The key is this little-known technique that stimulates her g-spot and clit at the same time.

And much, much more...

Simple Secrets Of Great Sex isn’t available anywhere else. You can only get it as part of this special advertising test

And you get it 100% free of charge —just for trying out Passion & Attraction That Lasts today.

But there’s one more special bonus I’d like to tell you about...

Special Bonus #3:
Total Sexual Confidence

Mastering new sexual techniques can help bring your woman to faster and more powerful orgasms, But it’s just the first step to becoming the best lover she’s ever had

To reach that lofty goal, physical techniques aren’t enough. You need bulletproof sexual confidence

The kind of confidence that makes her shudder with pleasure at your touch… fantasize about you all day… and brag to her girlfriends about her amazing sex life

And that kind of confidence starts in your mind. In this special report, you’ll discover...

  • How to banish performance anxiety in one easy step. No drugs or supplements required. The real secret is this “Mental Viagra” that’s works for any man
  • 1,500-year-old meditation trick that erases sexual anxiety and makes you radiate powerful, masculine confidence and sexuality (This one technique not only improves your sex life and relationship, but increases your confidence in every area of life— it’s worth the price of the entire program all by itself)
  • The “Jedi Mind Trick” that gives you instant erotic mastery of the female body. This powerful mental technique unlocks a hidden sexual-power overnight, and it makes women feel giggly, girly, and sexy whenever switch it on

And much more...

Total Sexual Confidence would be a no-brainer at a sale price of $97. But you get it for FREE, just for test-driving Passion & Attraction That Lasts today

Your “Better than Risk Free” Guarantee

When you log in to Passion & Attraction, you get instant access to the same sexual relationship secrets I share with my $700-per-hour private clients

And now you can try these proven strategies for yourself—at no risk and with no strings attached

I’m so confident Passion & Attraction will work for you that I’d like to make you a special offer:

Try Passion & Attraction That Lasts at no risk for a full 60 days. Follow the simple step-by-step system. And I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll see the results

In fact, if your sex life doesn’t change dramatically… if you’re not having better sex, more often... or if you’re not completely thrilled for any reason at all...

Just send me an email and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid—no questions hassles...and no run-arounds

I offer this guarantee on all of my programs because it’s essential to the way I do business: It’s MY responsibility that you are satisfied and get the results you want, and to give you the best chance for success, you can evaluate any of my programs for 2 full months:

You are both the judge and the jury

That’s why you get to test-drive Passion & Attraction That Lasts for a full two months—with no risk whatsoever.

Of course you can exercise your iron-clad guarantee at any time during your 60-day trial

And all of the special reports—including Simple Secrets To Great Sex — are yours to keep just for taking this important step of trying out this new and powerful system

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The total value of Passion & Attraction — including the three bonus gifts—is over $500.

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I want to make these sex secrets available to as many men as possible. And I don’t want price to be an issue.

That’s why we initially decided to offer Passion & Attraction That Lasts for just $297.

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As part of this special marketing test, you can get Passion & Attraction That Lasts for the amazing value price of just $97.(Only $48.80 for this limited time special!)**

IMORTANT NOTE: We retain the right to revoke this advertising test price and set any alternate price for the program, which could be as much as 3 times higher or any other price at our sole discretion, and/or remove the special bonus programs, at any time and without notice, written or electronic

Though additional advertising tests may be available from time to time in the future, I cannot guarantee that we’ll offer this program with these bonuses again,

So why not claim your risk free trial right now, before it’s too late? All you have to do is click the button below.

Once you log in, you get instant access to proven passion enhancing, sexual attraction, and seduction tactics like the The Appreciation Ladder…Enlightened Objectification...and the Sexual Polarity Flip...

Plus you get access to my proven 5-step effortless seduction plan, and dozens of other tips, strategies, and insights to revive her sex drive and make her hungry for sex again, have her pressing her body against you with hot lust in her eyes, and turn her back into the fun and sexy playmate you want to spend your life with...

PLUS all three bonus reports

The best part: Since Passion & Attraction That Lasts (and all of the bonus gifts) are 100% digital, you can start using these secrets right away—and see results almost overnight

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Go ahead and click the button at the bottom of your screen right now.

What path will you choose?

Listen, as men we have choices in life that determine the path for ourselves and our family.

Right now you have such a choice.

You can keep doing what you’re doing right now—settling for a life of sex once a week...once a month...or even less

You can keep on feeling frustrated, resentful, and angry that your natural, male need for sex and intimacy is being ignored...

And you can keep watching helplessly as the woman you love becomes more and more distant, moody, and frustrated with you—and deal with the inevitable end result of a passionless marriage...

Or you can take action right now — and discover a proven system that supercharges your woman’s sex drive...rekindles the passion and romance...and puts you in control of your love life

Imagine coming home from work and having her push you onto the couch with a playful smile as she eagerly unbuckles your belt and gives you a toe-curling blowjob...

Imagine how incredible it will feel when she surprises you with her sexy new lingerie—and then practically drags you into the bedroom and gets on top of you with her hips gyrating against you like a porn star (Yes, that’s right, YOUR woman)…

And imagine how good you’ll feel after an intense love-making session… one that leaves her happy and exhausted and sleepy from orgasm after orgasm... as she smiles contentedly and curls up in your arms…

How full and beautiful would your life feel if you had that to come home to?

I want you—and your woman—to enjoy the kind of red-hot sex life most couples only dream about

And the best way to make that dream a reality is the step-by-step system you’re getting in Passion & Attraction That Lasts

Simply claim your risk free trial by clicking the button below. Fill out the secure order form. And you can start using these secrets right away.

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If you don’t think Passion & Attraction triggers a dramatic turnaround in your sex life...

...if you don’t feel like it truly rekindles the spark in your relationship…

…if these insights don’t have your woman hungry for sex and quivering for your touch...

...or if you’re not satisfied for any reason...

...just let me know any time within 60 days and I’ll refund every penny you paid

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Of course, you’ll get to keep all three bonus reports — completely free of charge

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P.S. — When you log on to Passion & Attraction That Lasts, you get instant access to The Sexual Polarity Flip, Enlightened Objectification Technique, and The Appreciation Ladder.

You’ll also discover over 33 other guaranteed ways to rekindle the passion and romance in your relationship.

And you’ll get all three bonus programs, unavailable at any price anywhere else, for FREE. Plus you’re completely protected by my “better than risk free” guarantee.

Don’t miss your best chance to enjoy the kind of passionate, intimate, loving, and fun-filled relationship you (and your woman) deserve. Log in now to Passion & Attraction That Lasts by clicking the button below.

P.P.S.-- If you’re still watching and find yourself on the fence, I’ll add one last quick fact for you…

I worked closely with a highly paid and well known marketing consultant in crafting the script for this video. All of it is true, though for obvious reasons I changed the names and some identifying details of my clients when telling their stories…

I’m sure you agree with me that it’s a crazy thing about human-nature that I had to hire a “marketing” consultant in the first place…

Why on Earth do you have to “convince” people to get something that they know they need and that will absolutely make them much happier and more satisfied for many years?

Why do you have “sell” a man on the chance to get a step-by-step blueprint for super-charging his woman’s sex-drive and become the man who is the one and only focus of that passionate sexual desire… all for a tiny fraction of the cost of crap they blow their money on every single day?

Well, because that’s just the way humans are. It’s hard to get people to do things that are good for them in the long run.

Anyway, this consultant urged me to talk about the high price of divorce, the lawyers, the split property, the additional expenses of living apart in separate homes… and to compare that with the price of this program…

And he urged me, on that basis, to charge a minimum of $397 for the program (which may indeed end up the ultimate price after testing).

But I didn’t create this program for the man who is afraid of losing money in a divorce!

I created it for the man who’d be willing spend anything to reconnect with the woman he loves...

I created it for the man who realizes he’s met “the one” and wants to create the foundation, from the beginning, that will guarantee lasting passion, attraction, and playful, sexy fun in his relationship for a lifetime...

And that’s why I insisted on this $97 test. I don’t want to leave out the men who simply couldn’t have afforded it otherwise

Even now there will those who simply can’t commit even to that price. But for less than the price of a ticket to a ballgame, or a night at a local strip club... I believe that for any man who is serious about his relationship, it is going to be a no-brainer to find a way to grab his copy right now.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to listen...

I hope to see you in the program, and either way, I wish you a happy and healthy life of passion, fulfillment, and love.

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