Here's The One Thing You Need To Have The Passionate, Sexually Charged Relationship You Deserve

In this letter you’ll discover The One Thing that will get you a more loving, affectionate, and passionate relationship with your woman…

And how to just plain “have a lot more sex” with your woman!

I’m going to share with you a revolutionary, ground-shifting new perspective on the way your woman sees your sex life-- and if you pay attention, I can 100% guarantee it’s going to instantly improve your love life together.

When a relationship is new, you get a free pass:

The excitement and mystery of being with a new person does the work of getting you both turned on.

But after that?

Once you've been together for years?

Then you’re gonna need something else.

When a relationship is new, you get a free pass:

The excitement and mystery of being with a new person does the work of getting you both turned on.

And you know the usual advice, you can play fantasies, role playing, adult toys… But that’s just a fucking hamster wheel. Eventually it’s all the same, and it starts to feel like you’re just trying too hard to have something that should be natural...

You don't really know what the heck you're supposed to do to get her turned on. The old stuff that used to work either doesn't work anymore… or just feels weird to keep doing over and over again. And she seems to just lose interest in the entire subject.

And for most men, they just hit a dead end. And the next thing you know, you’re in a sexless relationship.

And of course, let’s not bullshit each other… This shit hurts.

​It’s hard to feel good about yourself as a man when you feel like the woman you love isn’t interested in having sex with you.

And “sexless” also usually means “affectionless” ...and sometimes even means a total loss of respect for you and your masculinity

It can leave you feeling humiliated, lonely, and just completely trapped without any oxygen.

​And every time you try to bring it up?

She just gets angry, and defensive, and hits you with, “Is THAT all you ever think about!”

And for me, what was worse, if she did finally agree to sex… It’s obligation sex. It’s “we made an agreement” sex.

That made me feel even worse, lonelier…

And then you're humiliated that you even did it under those terms… that you have to settle for this...

If you’re like me, you don't want her to just “give it up,”

You want her to love it… You want to feel wanted.

I know brother, it can be fucking heartbreaking.

If you’re like so many of the men I’ve worked with, you feel under-sexed, under-loved, under-appreciated, and maybe even completely emasculated by this situation.

But please...

Don't Give Up On Your Relationship.

I’ve helped countless men overcome EXACTLY THIS ISSUE, so that they could begin enjoying authentic, Healthy, and consistent sexual attention from the woman in their life...

Men who felt like their girlfriend was starting to drift away after only a few months together…

And men who have been married for - I shit you not - 30-plus YEARS… And couldn’t remember the last time they got laid.

Now they are getting warmth, affection, even playfulness and fun... And yes, even stuff they thought was completely off the table and impossible, like getting her to enjoy pushing boundaries, and trying new things in the bedroom.

Here’s the truth:

Your relationship is stuck mainly because of ONE THING, one main obstacle that has held you back.

And that ONE THING is that you’ve never learned how to activate what I call... the “Playmate Switch” in her brain.

The Playmate Switch

Now obviously this isn’t an actual switch, but a process that makes her naturally and enthusiastically turned on for you…

To re-ignite her sex drive, and to make her feel sexy and feminine and attractive when she’s with you…

Not only does this lead to more sex but also a much healthier, and stress-free relationship…

Plus, it also makes HER feel great about being a woman again.

And that means less stress, and more happy.

Knowing how to do this is really a very special gift to be able to give your woman…

And based on my experience teaching this to other men, getting your masculine role back in your relationship can have a positive ripples throughout your entire life.

So based on where you are right now, if you are ready to start having the kind of sexual intimacy with your woman that you both deserve… what you need to do is learn for yourself how to flip her Playmate Switch for yourself.

Because it’s bullshit to live with less, when you really don’t have to.

Ideally you want a guide or a resource that walks you through all of the steps that you need to follow to BREAK this entrenched, automatic, and consistent pattern that you’ve fallen into… So that you can finally have the relationship you want.

You need a map for learning how to get your woman to...

  • Open up sexually and romantically...
  • AUTOMATICALLY trigger her feelings of attraction
  • Build deep trust
  • check
    Get her turned on at will

...So that you can BOTH enjoy the fun, the closeness, the intimacy, and frankly the sense of accomplishment that comes from having a great sex life together.

And if that sounds good to you, I believe I have the perfect resource for you, that will give you exactly these things… and show you exactly how to find and activate your woman's playmate switch… And I'd love for you to try it out.

But before I tell you how to get your hands on that resource, I want to share with you a major, ground-shifting perspective that can give you INSTANT new results in your relationship-- And even if your results aren't instant, it will definitely give you a new and deeper understanding of

How Sex And Arousal Work
For Your Woman In Your Relationship

This one thing has been a game changer for many of the men that I've mentored in this area of their lives--

It’s going to instantly give you greater understanding and power over your woman’s turn-on once you understand it…

And it’s also going to underline for you Just how important, how crucial it is to understand exactly how to flip your woman’s “playmate switch”

Men and women think about sex in a relationship completely differently. (And, as I just said, understanding this difference is a major key to getting you a lot more sex!)

And getting more sex is good for so many reasons-- including the release of neurotransmitters
and hormones that make your woman happier, more relaxed, more affectionate, and more fun to be around-- And while I can't guarantee you'll never have another fight, it is almost certain that you'll fight less! (And MUCH less around those stupid little bickers that aren't worth fighting over).

So what is this difference in the way women view sex in their relationship?

Men think about getting sex from their wife or girlfriend as a matter of "consent". We men feel like whether or not our woman will have sex or not is a matter of just getting to "yes".

In fact, for most men, one of the main reasons to get into a relationship in the first place is so that you don't have to work so hard to get laid!

Get a girlfriend and you don't have to worry about whether or not you are going to get some on Saturday night. You ALWAYS go home from the party with a woman... because you arrived with her!

It's safe to say that many men feel quite frustrated, or even angry at the idea that they'd have to do a whole "seduction" to get their own WIFE into bed!

It's not like she doesn't know who you are...

Or like you need to put on a whole sexy-charming-guy front...

Or make her feel safe...

Or convince her you're not going to ax-murder her if she comes home with you, dammit!

Well here's the thing...

Women have a TOTALLY different idea
around this.

Women don't think of getting to sex with their man as a matter of "consent" at all.

For women in relationship, getting sex is a matter of AROUSAL.

If she's not aroused, she's not in the mood, and if she's not in the mood, why the hell would you want consent in the first place?

I mean, in her mind, what has that even got to do with it?

Consent is built in, it's "of course!" But it's not important to her, it doesn't come into play...
if she's not aroused FIRST.

This missed signal makes men feel REJECTED.

We feel like she's saying NO to us, to who we are, to wanting to be with us.

She feels like you're not DOING ANYTHING to get her aroused... which makes HER feel undervalued, unloved, and REJECTED.

She doesn't feel like she's saying "no" at all.

She feels like you're the one saying NO to HER...

To who she is....

To being willing to put forth any effort for her...

Which makes her feel like you’re basically saying that she’s not worth the effort.

Can you see how a couple could get into trouble and start bickering more over silly little things, and go months without anyone getting any good lovins'?

This Might Be A Huge Problem…

Now for most men reading this, this probably occurs as a HUGE PROBLEM.

Because first of all, it sounds like a ton of work!

Second of all, they're not really sure what the heck to work ON in the first place...

How are you supposed to seduce a woman that has known you for years?
Knows all of your tricks?
Has heard every line you used when you were dating?
Has gotten bored with your should-be-patented-and-worked-every-time erotic shoulder rub?

I mean, it just feels dorky to talk in your sexy-man voice to someone that knows you so well.

All of this is based on really not understanding how to get your woman aroused, and, not be a dick about it, but frankly just being lazy about learning.

As a married guy in his 50s, with a kid, believe me brother, I have fallen into this. I have gotten lazy. I have just defaulted to acting "cute," or giving her "puppy-dog eyes," when it's been a few nights.

And that shit is so disappointing for women.

Your woman.

My woman.

And every other woman.

And what I've found in mentoring hundreds of men who got into a rut, is that they want some kind of "magic spot to touch her" that will turn her on.

They want some special way to kiss, or a works-every-time-shoulder-rub technique...

Because that seems so much less risky than doing the edgy work of taking a more masculine role in your relationship...

Of showing up with clear and confident masculine sexuality...

And seducing her.

This can be scary for men, because getting rejected for trying to be more masculine feels like it could be very humiliating.

And so, week after week, month after month, or even year-after-year, men do without sex, cuddling, kisses, affection, or playfulness.

It’s Time To Man Up


For her it's not about consent, it's about arousal.

It's fair to say that just KNOWING this distinction between "consent" and "arousal" could turn your entire relationship around in a way that most men would never be able to.

And if you really man up… then with some honest intention, and a little experimentation, I believe you could make a go of this, and potentially have the relationship of your dreams.

And if that were your only option, I would have massive respect and admiration for you for having the courage to try it, and I believe your woman would too.

But what if there was an easier option? (Unfortunately, yes, you’ll still have to man up)

But what if there were an option where I could guide you through exactly how this can be done in your relationship, step by step?

What if I could help you take some of the guesswork out of it?

Do you think in that situation, I could empower you with any and all of the resources and experience at my disposal, to stack the deck in your favor, and to make this a much less painful process...

And make success much more likely?

What if I had...

  • shortcuts,
  • "inner game" confidence exercises,
  • female psychology tips and hacks,
  • and additional insights that go much deeper and more thoroughly into getting you the sexy and passionate and playful relationship you want, and quite frankly deserve...

If I had such an option for you, would you love to hear more about it, and what it could do for you?

Well that is exactly why I created a program called:

Passion and Attraction That Lasts

Now this is definitely not for every guy out there.

It’s specifically for men like you and me, men who are committed to the woman that they are with but who are frustrated with settling for less than they deserve:

A woman at home that you are completely crazy about...

Who is completely crazy about you...

Who feels attraction, and turn on, when you are around her...

A relationship that is fulfilling, open and honest, trusting, easy, and playful...

A relationship that recharges you instead of being another drain on your energy...

In other words:

A relationship where you think of each other as "lovers" first… And partners second.

That is what thousands of men are experiencing, thanks to Passion & Attraction That Lasts.

Stay Or Go?

If I’m wrong, and that does not describe who you are and what you want, then thank you for reading… you probably won’t be interested in the rest of this letter, and I very sincerely wish you the best of luck...

But if you’re the kind of man who wants better, hotter, more passionate sex with the woman he loves...

(Or a man who wants a straight-forward blueprint to insuring that he knows how to keep the sex hot forever when he finally does meet that woman that he wants to be with in a serious, committed relationship)...

And if you want to start having the kind of wake-up-the-neighbors sex life that leaves her sweaty, gasping, and smiling with satisfaction...

And if you’re willing to follow a simple, step-by-step plan to help your woman break through HER emotional and sexual “roadblocks,” and finally enjoy the kind of erotic intimacy and connection she needs...

Then keep reading.

Because in the next few paragraphs, you’ll discover the real reason why your woman stopped wanting sex… and how you can fix the problem in as little as 14 days.

And you’ll discover how to become the only man who can unlock her in the way she most craves. She might even start asking to try out naughty NEW things she’s always refused to do for you in the past.

Yes, even if she has been ice-cold for years.

There are 3 parts to the program--

The first is about...

1. Being The Man Women Desire

This is where you install new confidence and capabilities for communicating, and for making love to your woman.

You'll learn the 7 deadly sins of seduction-- Just one of these mistakes is like throwing cold water on the fires of her libido. And most men are making at least three!

Here’s how to avoid them all— and even turn them to your advantage

There are exercises for identifying problem areas, fixing insecurities and anxiety and becoming a confident lover and husband (or boyfriend).

You'll learn exactly how to give your woman that butterflies-in-her-stomach feeling every time she thinks about you — even if you’ve been married for decades. (Many of the men reported back to me that it made them feel more like a man too).

And you'll banish your fear of rejection in 3 simple steps. For many men the idea of trying to change the way their wife or girlfriend feels about sex and touching brings up a lot of FEARS. It can be pretty confrontational, especially if she’s been the one making the decisions about your intimate life for a long time.

The first step is dissolving those fears. The key is a mental “trick” that makes facing your worst relationship anxieties a breeze. She’ll FEEL the difference and respond to that confidence… And you’ll feel twice the confidence in every area of your life.

The second part of the program is the map for...

2. Creating A Passionate Relationship

​This is about learning specific communication tools so that you can gradually take on or restore
your masculine role in in the relationship
, in her mind, and in your life together,

It's easier than you think, but it doesn't happen by accident. You've got to DO this stuff intentionally--

And you will be shocked at how she melts in appreciation when you finally do.

This section also covers some serious logistical issues that every relationship runs into… How to reclaim your sex life from the “time monster” of daily pressures, kids, work, anxiety, exhaustion...

In other words: Daily life —

This is stuff that is never going to be easy unless you win the lottery, but if your romantic life is worth it, this is the one true way that will work to get your sex life back on track...

And finally, the third part of the program is...

3. The Ultimate Effortless Seduction

​Every husband I talk to cringes at having to learn to seduce his wife.

Look, I’m sure you have heard that women love sex just as much as men.

And it’s true, of course.

But it sure can seem like bullshit when you want to get to sex, and you have to do some kind of “seduction” to get her to agree… and it REALLY seems like bullshit when she doesn’t agree!

But it's not only easy, it's so much fun for both of you once you know exactly how to seduce her in a natural and attractive way.

The program walks you through the process of getting Sexual: Sexual Polarity and Seduction.

This stuff is surprisingly uncomplicated once you understand how seduction works inside of a loving and trusting relationship--

Her “Issues”

Passion & Attraction That Lasts is a play-by-play game-plan for reigniting her sex drive and overcoming her

  • Low libido,
  • Sexual hangups,
  • Menopause,
  • Sexual past,
  • And many other difficult and complex hurdles to increasing a woman’s sex drive...

​And YES these issues really are complex, and I’m not promising an overnight fix for every woman, but these strategies do work, and have worked, even for men who had tried everything else in the past and nearly given up hope... And they are going to work for you too!

If you're like most men in a relationship, then you are probably just wondering how you can get your hands on this training, and what it’s going to cost you.

But you know, you could go through years of couples counseling and drop thousands of dollars and still not get any results in the areas where it counts-- Like the bedroom...

And frankly in the hands of the man that loves his woman, that cares about his family, but is sick of not getting the love-life he deserves...

The man that is READY to take the steps necessary to move forward and transform his relationship, this material is quite frankly, as the old credit commercial says, “Priceless.”

A private mentorship/coaching package to work with me starts at $7950, and usually a months-long wait list. And frankly it’s quite a fair price when you consider that plenty of couples have dropped 10 or 20 Gs, or far more on their wedding and honeymoon… And a divorce can cost many times that much--

So nearly all of my private clients come away saying that working with me was a huge bargain.

But I know that MOST men can't afford to work with me, and many who can afford it just won't spend that kind of chicken for "relationship stuff."

And frankly, it’s unrealistic for me, time-wise, to take on more clients than I already have.

But this stuff is important. When it's not working it's incredibly painful… And when it is...
It can make your entire life beautiful.

And that's why I priced Passion & Attraction at only $197-- And you can find it on my website catalog at that price anytime you like...

However, if you are ready to act right now, you can get it for HALF that price. For this special advertising test, you can get it today for only $97.00.

And not only are you going to get Passion & Attraction for half price... I’m also including some very important bonuses to ensure your success:

Special Bonus #1

The Casanova Code

So look, I know this sounds odd, but once you start using the secrets in Passion & Attraction That Lasts, you’ll likely become much more attractive to other women too.

All types of women.

Knowing you can attract women at will is kind of fun and feels great...

But if you’re an honest guy, in a loving relationship, it can raise a ton of unexpected problems for you. Particularly because your woman probably isn't used to you getting that kind of attention.

So unless you want to deal with a jealous wife or girlfriend… or leave behind a trail of hurt, pissed-off women (who might be unavoidable in your work and social life)… You need to know how to gently deflect and dance with these sexual advances without causing hurt feelings, jealousy, or resentment from your partner… or other women.

That’s why I created my new special report, The Casanova Code.

Inside, you’ll discover how to gracefully and ethically handle the flood of female attention-- So that it’s fun… but without damaging your relationships.

And instead, have it fuel your woman's attraction for you even further. So that instead of jealousy she feels pride that you are her man.

I guarantee that the additional strategies in The Casanova Code will make a dramatic difference in your sex life, and in the way you relate to women in general— and they will make YOUR woman very, very happy.

Special Bonus #2

The Simple Secrets Of Great Sex

Since you'll be having a lot more sex in your relationship you may as well be great at it!

You may or may not have heard of me before you found this site, but I first became famous for my programs that directly related to sex.

My first book, Revolutionary Sex has been read over 77 thousand men. That's more than 3 million dollars in sales. And that's what launched my career.

And so my next several programs were all about sex, sexual intimacy, sexual skills, and sexual enjoyment, for both men and women

And so what I've done for this bonus is, I skimmed the cream from ALL of these programs that I created across the years, and I just took the techniques that are...

  • the simplest
  • most foolproof
  • most effective
  • check
    and easiest to start enjoying immediately...

I created it specifically as a bonus for THIS program. It's a phenomenal resource,
and it's not available anywhere else.

Special Bonus #3

Total Sexual Confidence

​This little book is going to be a game changer for so many men:

I included it because so many men I work with in their relationship ALSO had issues around sexual anxieties.

In this special report, you’ll discover how to banish performance anxiety in one easy step. No drugs or supplements required.

I also modified a 1,500-year-old meditation technique, so that it erases sexual anxiety and makes you radiate powerful, masculine confidence and sexuality. (This one technique
not only improves your sex life and relationship, but increases your confidence in every area of life). If you try it out you'll probably agree that it’s honestly worth the price of the entire program all by itself.

Also in this bonus is a “Jedi Mind Trick” that gives you instant erotic mastery of the female body. This powerful mental technique unlocks hidden sexual powers virtually overnight, and it makes women feel giggly, girly, and sexy whenever you switch it on.

And there is even more inside this bonus-- Total Sexual Confidence would be a no-brainer if I sold it for $97 by itself… But you get it for FREE, just for test-driving Passion & Attraction That Lasts today.

This is hundreds of dollars worth of extra programming, but honestly the money is a nonsense number because there are a ton of programs out there that cost thousands that won’t get you what you want.

And it’s getting what you want that matters here.

In terms of your happiness and satisfaction with your life, your future…

Creating a great relationship is, without a doubt, the most important thing you can do for yourself.

I simply can’t recommend this program strongly enough to a man in your situation.

But you don’t know me, and you can’t really know exactly what the experience of this program is until you sit down and go through it for yourself.

It’s more than fair to want to actually see the program for yourself, and go through some of this training, and see for yourself that the results I’m talking about are REAL before you obligate yourself in any way.

​So I’m offering 2 full months, 60 days to actually GET THE RESULTS for yourself before you’re locked in.

By giving you 2 months you have the opportunity to know for sure.

You click, you join, you have 60 days to see the whole enchilada for yourself and to confirm that the program you get, actually matches what I'm describing, and it’s not just a bunch of hype.

That’s what I’d want to know, that’s exactly the way it should be, so that’s the way we do it.

If any time during those 2 months you don’t feel like it’s for you-- If you don’t feel like this program actually matches EXACTLY what I am describing to you here, if you don’t feel like this program can get you ALL of the over-the-top results I’m promising, you just shoot an email to my support team, no reasons, explanations, order numbers, or any bullshit necessary… and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.

Take action now by clicking below and you could actually have the best night of your life
by this coming weekend:

​Remember, please, because I don’t want anyone calling me names later, or feeling like I misled you:

This is only a test, and whether or not I continue making this program and these bonuses available for this low price is something that my marketing team is going to be re-evaluating daily. We reserve the right to pull the offer, without notice, at any time. Period.

So what you should do now, if you are ready for this kind of change in your life, is just click that “Get Me Started Now!” button below--

Once you know how to flip your woman’s secret Playmate Switch, you can supercharge her sex drive almost overnight.

When you know this secret, you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and return to those honeymoon days of fun, passionate sex-on-demand

You can turn a cold, distant woman into your “naughty little girl” — by helping her banish her hidden sexual “roadblocks”... AND help her experience new levels of sexual satisfaction...

And you can enjoy the kind of deep intimacy, and powerful erotic connection, most couples only dream of…

And give your woman the security and sexual confidence to drop her guard, and finally give in to her deepest, darkest fantasies.

Click the button below, enter payment details on the next page, and you can get started with Passion & Attraction That Lasts Instantly.

Thank you for the gift of your time and attention-- I hope I’ve succeeded in making the time you spent reading this letter valuable for you.

For Passion,

P.S., Passion & Attraction That Lasts has already worked for thousands of men who had nearly given up hope, and are not experiencing the kind of confidence, fun, playfulness, and passion in their relationships that they had always imagined, but never quite experienced before.

We reserve the right to end this special half price offer at any time and without notice, so please act today. And remember, you have a full 60 days to go through the entire program and SEE FOR YOURSELF that every promise I’ve made in this letter is real, and that you really can have this kind of sexual passion in your own relationship. Your results are 100% guaranteed.

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