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I am naturally genuine, to a fault sometimes, and your advice on how to use that to develop incredibly fulfilling and damn near transcendent relationships with anyone I choose has skyrocketed ALL aspects of my life. Simply, thank you Alex.

- Brandon

​Thank you Alex. This was an affirmation that I am on the right path. I’ve been telling a lot of my friends and followers that your personality is perfectly designed to attract those that you need, and repel those that you don’t. I recently made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to hold myself back anymore. That I was going to be 100% unapologetically myself, no matter who it offended. If I question an action, I follow through with it more confidently. I recently reunited with a woman that I thought I had no chance with initially, and ended up having the best night of my life! You worded this so perfectly, that it felt like the universe speaking to me. You are a great man Alex. Your actions ripple on into eternity.

- Juan

I believe that your program is the missing piece that I had been searching for…essentially the culmination of a process of looking for answers throughout my entire adult life. That search process had intensified over the last 2 ½ years following a separation and divorce that ended a 40 year marriage... a relationship that had many ups and downs, but was never very gratifying for either one of us [...]I believe that your materials have provided a defining moment... the achievement in a very powerful way of so much that I have long been searching for. I had felt for some time that I was getting closer to piecing together what I had been looking for and sensed that I was “almost there”. Your course has brought the feeling that I have arrived upon a landmark plateau. The result is that I finally feel an internal confidence, a certainty that I will be able to find the right woman with whom I want to share the rest of my life and just as importantly, I am SURE that I will be secure in knowing what to do when I do find her... that I will be able to give her the continuing kind of experiences that she has always wanted to have as a fulfilled woman. In other words I know that I will be able to “light up her life” and at the same time do likewise for myself.

- John

​First off i would like to let u know that after buying [your programs] life has been better for me. i have been working on becoming the man i want to be, which so happens to be the man women want me to be as well, and have become so much more confidant in everything i do. Heck this woman i wanted to date but always turned me down has even changed her mind and stopped sleeping with other guys to be with me! so glad i bought this program.

- Joshua

​I could tell you how you work has impacted my life... How your words have lifted me out self worthlessness, how your research has shifted the way I see, treat and experience women, how I have never felt more confident, competent, and masculine. And , how the women in my life, as well as friends and even strangers have benefited from my shift. But, I won't. I'll just say, thank you. So much!

- Jay

​Alex,I have to tell you that [...] I now seem to hit the "Sex Trigger" inside EVERY female brain ;)You've been one of the most profound influences on my romantic life.Big hugs,

- Mike

​Alex thanks from Australia. 51 year old fit male and had the most amazing life-changing sex with a fantastic beautiful woman I met about 3 weeks ago. I feel liberated/excited/connected. Your program guided me beyond my current experiences and knowledge. I cooked a tapas style meal and we drank and ate listened to music stared into each other eyes. It was bliss. This experience with your guidance has given me a new level of confidence with women, I am smiling constantly throughout the day. Seeing her tonight and can't wait.

- Scott M.

​Your program on sexual attraction and making her feel safe is probably the most truthful thing I've seen in a long time. You don't know how many times I, and guys like myself, have sensed a woman drifting away, and me trying to please her and make her happy, only to have her withdraw further. I think every man on the face of the earth should see this program. Once I started to prioritize my life, show women I didn't need them, and truly enjoy my life, the "woman" part of my life just fell into place. Thanks man,

- Cameron

​Your program is worth ten times the price you have charged me,Excellent work.

- Dinesh

​Your work/information has changed my life to say the least. You're a beast. Can't put into words how amazing and powerful what u do is. Thank u.

- Danny

​I have to first thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. You're a hero and a source of great wisdom to me and to many other guys around the world, I'm sure.

- Jeremy

​Let me take a moment to express my gratitude to you for offering this guidance. Given the price you're charging for your time, energy, experience, wisdom, etc., I don't see how any guy in his right mind wouldn't jump all over this. You're practically giving away some high value stuff.

- Eric

​​Alex, I fucking dig you man. Honestly, I learn so much from you about life – not just sex and intimacy.I'm a little younger than you – 29 – but I consider you an example of the kind of man I want to be (and in so many ways already am), and look to you as a mentor / guide.Keep up the amazing work.

- Mike

​I have seen myself in different stages of my life while reading your stories and the insights in each of them are... Simple.They are so honest and straight to the point that even when we know them, they are easy to forget due to the promise of a new "magic pill" that has come up, and that reading that has served as a huge inspiration to come back and take my role as a man back again in my life. So thank you for that, what you do for us is amazing Alex.

- Miguel

​I'm sixty years old (but still young at heart), and appreciate the wisdom in what you write [...]I recently 'took up the reins' and ended a long but mostly miserable marriage. I am now embarking on a new relationship with a beautiful woman, inside and out, and enjoying it every step of the way.As I read your work, I find myself saying 'yes' so often as I recognize the home-truths you spell out. Hopefully the younger men who read your work can appreciate the wisdom in what you write, avoid some of the pitfalls, and fast-track their way to being the best they can be.Keep up the great work that you do.Best regards,

- Ian

​How great I feel after just a few days of doing the first few exercises.I'm Marko from Croatia, one of your customers.I have mental health issues, suffering from depression, but in my life I was never really successful with women and dating, even before I got sick. I tried various products from the dating advice industry but I could never relate to any of the pickup artist schemes or various techniques.After having read several emails and watched the product video I decided to buy your program. It is intense! Boy, I was in for such a great surprise I still can't believe it! I was most interested in the first part where I would be taught how to get my stuff together but your approach positively shocked me! You are a master of communicating with people and the ease and assertive confidence with which you persuaded me to actually do the exercises made ME confident.After just a few days at it I feel the powerful change in my persona, perception of the world around me and I even got a my energy level to new heights. I'm committed to doing the exercises and can't wait to see where this program would take me!!I have a female friend who fancies me and I fancy her back. She instantly noticed something is going on with me and started opening up to me slowly. [...] Now I feel like the only inspiration I need is myself and that feels great.Thank you so much,Sincerely yours

- Marko

​Hello Alex,I really love your videos/material on attraction. Unlike other programs out there, It's very realistic and devoid of all the hype.Thank you for your great work

- Dan

​I think you have a genius that is on a different level. Some of your insights are so subtle and powerful, they cut straight through the bullshit and hit me right in the heart. You were the first personal development teacher I had and you continue to be the most insightful in my eyes. You have a kind, genuine heart and it speaks through you.

- Dylan

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