The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

The big take away:

One of the most common communication problems couples have, that causes all sorts of arguments and misunderstandings, isn’t actually a problem at all… it’s just a difference in the way different people communicate love.

The guy that figured this out was a Gary Chapman, who wrote the book, “The 5 Love Languages”. In his book, Chapman explains that if you have different love languages, it can seem as if your partner isn’t investing in the relationship, even though you are giving and giving… and your partner probably feels just the opposite!

Understanding Chapman’s love languages can give couples a huge leap in understanding each other and satisfaction in their relationship.

  • Bill Anderson

    I have read Mr. Chapman’s book and completed the exercises. While, unfortunately, I was not able to save my previous relationship (the one that suggested I read it), I did learn a great deal about myself and how to apply what I’ve learned to my next relationship.

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